Michelle R. Hansley

Michelle R. Hansley
From the Office of: Lighthouse Point Sales Center
Balistreri Realty
2281 E. Sample Rd.
Lighthouse Point, FL  33064
Direct: 954-257-1263
Office: 561-886-1600
Fax: 561-886-1601

As a graduate of Florida State University, Michelle holds a Bachelor's of Science Degree in Education.  A native of South Florida, she loves working within her community and continually looks for ways she can use her experience to give back to the place she calls home.

One of the ways Michelle enjoys giving back is by sharing her knowledge as a Veterans Administration Loan process expert.  As the wife of a local fire fighter, Michelle has a passion for assisting servicemen and servicewomen with their Real Estate needs.  Many of her clients are eligible to utilize the VA Loan process, which can be extraordinarily tedious to navigate.  Michelle has made it her mission to become an expert in the process and takes pride in helping her clients successfully navigate the paperwork and arrive at a successful outcome. 

Michelle has not only cultivated the knowledge and skills necessary to guide her clients through the process, but she has also cultivated relationships with other community leaders that have proven to be beneficial.  Her experience and resourcefulness makes her a strong advocate for her clients, and she strives to go above and beyond what is necessary for each transaction.

Michelle also understands, first hand, the demands imparted on a family when one or more member works in public service.  Often times the work schedule makes it difficult for showings and meetings, and when this happens, Michelle stands ready to assist in any way that she can.  Whether communicating through video message, email, or in person, Michelle makes it a priority to be available to her clients.  

As a member of the National Association of Realtors, Michelle takes immense pride in her work with both buyers and sellers.  She enjoys being able to contribute her knowledge and experience to make the process enjoyable for all of her clients.